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Schools need to find suppliers and services quickly and easily.  This directory has been specially created to help schools  find exactly what they need and are able to recommend suppliers too and receive a £10.00 gift voucher for each supplier that signs up.

Each month you will receive an e- directory as new suppliers services become available and we will also seek to find you a supplier for a special purpose or specific requirement.  Suppliers2schools aims to provide quality trades people, equipment and services and if for any reason you are not satisfied with any of the suppliers on the site then please let us know.  We know how important it is for Schools to get value for money and best value as well as being reliable.

Our Suppliers

Every one of the suppliers listed within this website has specialist knowledge and expertise to meet your needs in school. Many already supply schools and educational settings. A complete spectrum of equipment provision, supplies and services are offered.


Specialised Knowledge

Our suppliers generally understand the specific requirements of schools and colleges


Our suppliers are known for their customer service levels and reliable delivery.

Best Value

Our suppliers appreciate the requirement to offer best value to schools and colleges.

Specific Products & Services

Because our suppliers work with educational settings, they offer the range of goods, equipment and services schools need.

Time Saving

Locating trusted supplier through this website reduces the time and risks associated with locating those companies that have what you want.

Join Us

Simply complete our standard template with all of your details and then submit it. We will then send you an invoice payable by cheque or BACs transfer. Your advertisement runs for one year from the time you register. To update or amend your details at any time, simply resubmit a registration form. Be sure to list all of the services you offer.